Golf Cart Service

If you are having problems with your used golf cart and feel that it needs to be brought in for repair, you won’t find anyone else in the area with as much experience and knowledge about every kind of golf cart out there.

Our procedure is to diagnose the golf cart upon delivery to our shop. Next, we will service your golf cart as well, to make sure that the root of the problem is fixed. This is important to make sure that your golf cart doesn’t have additional underlying problems on top of the initial malfunction. When we have determined the cause of the problem, we always call the customer with a quote before starting the repair of the golf cart.

A golf cart should be serviced at least once a year, regardless of whether it is gas powered or electric. This is done to maintain a standard of safety and to keep all parts functioning properly.

Below is a list of tasks and points of inspection we complete in servicing your used golf cart:

Gas & Electric Service

  • Pull wheels to check bearings, check air pressure in tires.
  • Rear brakes checked, as well as all brake cables.
  • Parking brake checked and adjusted.
  • Front-end alignment checked and aligned.
  • Spring bushings and a-arm bushings checked. Tie-rod ends are checked.
  • Oil and rear differential checked.

Gas Carts Only

  • Engine service completed, including oil, fuel, and air filter inspection.
  • Inspect dry belt and starter generator belt.
  • Check for full throttle.
  • Check both primary and secondary clutch for full belt engagement.
  • Check starter generator brushes.
  • Check generator output.

Electric Carts Only

  • All battery support rails inspected; repair/replace if needed.
  • Battery cables and battery connections cleaned and inspected.
  • Battery tie-downs inspected; repair/replace if needed.
  • Charger checked.